bank scam


Bank:Greenwood Union Bank


Description:after two years of internet and video calls with a VIP, in the last two months he asked me to act as beneficiary in the bank where he had an account, blocked for years and whose management was not aware !!! talking to the bank support email, I was sent the data to open an off-shore account to match with his !!! cost $ 1730 !!!! the documentation has been sent to the lawyer Caporaso in foto !!! after several attempts to transfer the money I have been asked for more money for codes from a bank operator, this mister Cahal !!! that saying that my emails came back to me started to contact me on hangout !!! today 8/10/102018 I go to check the accounts because I had the codes to get in both, from the official website of the bank, and I find that they are suspended !!! everything is gone !!!



Email:[email protected]