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The name of the Barrington Bank Inc finds its origin deep in the history of Antigua and Barbuda. In 1779 the southern entrance to St. John’s Harbour was strongly fortified by Admiral Barrington, who had defeated the French off St. Lucia in 1778. Fort Barrington was strengthened in 1790 to forestall attacks by French forces. Fort Barrington continued to play an important role in defense of the island until the second half of the XIX century. This historical site has inspired in December 1996 the name for new business to be started in Antigua and Barbuda.
Our office is located in St John’s, the capital of Antigua and Barbuda, at Suite 2+4, Woods Center, Friars Hill Road. The Bank is open on weekdays from 08.00 to 16.00 local time.
Barrington Bank gives our European and international clients easy, quick and secure computer access to a complete range of offshore banking services.
Barrington Bank provides multicurrency banking and financial services to clients throughout the worldIncorporated in Antigua and Barbuda Barrington Bank Inc. provides multi-currency banking and financial services to clients throughout the world. Along with the utmost in privacy, confidentiality and security, our clients receive great interest rates offered in a stable caribbean environment.
Barrington Bank Inc. maintains the strictest standards of banking privacy in business and financial transactions. Indeed, Antigua has stiff penalties for officers or staff that violate the banking law.
Until recently the only barrier to internationalizing banking was the remoteness of the bank from its clients. Modern technological advances and world telecommunication improvements have removed that barrier. Now clients of Barrington Bank Inc. can communicate with the bank at anytime and from anywhere via the Internet. From the convenience of their office or home, account holders can check balances, wire money or take out a loan as easily as if they were in Antigua. Modern computer communications have created the easiest, most cost effective and most secure means of client-bank interaction ever.
Barrington Bank Inc. account holders can receive banking information, transfer money and give any other instructions to the bank seven days a week, 24 hours a day with Banking Online computer services.
Clients may also provide Barrington Bank Inc with instructions using more conventional methods of communication such as telephone, fax, telex or mail, each employing time-tested, effective security procedures.
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