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AnguillaAnguilla is an overseas British territory, located in the Caribbean, in the Lesser Antilles. It is one of the 16 territories that is not self-governing that is still under the supervision of the United Nations Committee on Decolonization.
There is a well-regulated industry of financial services on the island, where the common law legal system is applied, based on British law. It counts on a very well developed professional infrastructure, as well as excellent telecommunications. Services for same-day incorporation for offshore companies are among the most substantial advantages offered by Anguilla; in addition, the concession of multi-annual work permits for financial service professionals also stands out. In contrast to other offshore centers, Anguilla is actually considered a neutral jurisdiction regarding taxes. There is no income tax in Anguilla, neither on capital gains or other forms of direct taxation, nor to individuals or companies that are not residents of Anguilla.
Usually, only banks that are subsidiaries or branches of very well-known banks that, as well, are supervised by local authorities will receive a license for operating offshore banks in Anguilla.
Financial Authority for Anguilla banks:
Ministry of Finance
The Valley,
Telephone: (264) 497-5881
Fax: (264) 497¤5872
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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