Kit for opening a corporate or personal account in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country known for its economic and political stability, as well as for its experience in the area of its bank services. Confidentiality and respect for the individual’s private life is a fundamental Swizz value shared in their banks. The waiting times for opening a bank account in the CIM Bank are approximately 4-5 days.

The kit includes:

Forms for opening a personal account; the forms for opening a corporate account will be sent by the bank will be sent after the documents from the business and its beneficiaries have been sent and the bank has had a videoconference with them.
Requirements for opening an account:
Demo on how to fill in the forms (place the mouse on the image at the side of each field you have to fill out);
Commentaries that will help you to not make counterproductive declarations to the bank;
Fifteen minutes phone assistance for additional questions.
It does not include expenses for opening the account, card issue, digipass delivery, etc. which are charged by the bank.

Kit price: 250 EUR

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Bank in operation since 1990

The bank exercises its activity under the supervision of the FINMA, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority. It is also a member of the Swiss Stock Exchange and the Association of Swiss Bankers (ASB).
It is a principal member of MasterCard.
It’s a member of SWIFT.
Regulated by the International Financial Services authority.
The bank has been recognized for the excellence of its international transfers of the principal currencies.
Their data are securely archived, legally bound by a strict confidentiality and the country shares information only under duly motivated international judicial order.
Key Account for special clients, personnel and corporations. Consultancy in twelve languages offering a personalized relation and individual financial solutions to each of its private and institutional clients, available 24/7.
Representative office in Switzerland, and customer phone service in Latin America, Europe, Arica, Middle East and Russia.    
DigiPass Device: Authenticates the client with a digital signature before any transactions.
Online security with internet banking.
The minimum amount for opening per physical person CHF/EUR/USD 5,000. All accounts are in multiple currencies.
The minimum amount for opening a corporate account is CHF/EUR/USD 10,000. All accounts are in multiple currencies.
 Once the funds for opening the account have been received, the bank will organize a video-conference to meet the client and review the opening documents.
Please keep in mind that if the account is not definitively approved by the legal department, the funds will be returned to the source.
The costs for issuing the prepaid MasterCard, the DigiPass for online banking and the expenses for home delivery will be discounted from the initial deposit.
Your personal presence is not required for opening the account.
The bank and online cards are included account opening expenses.
All fees are required in advance.
The form for opening the account online is aimed only for fiscal people.
The bank usually doesn’t accept clients residing in or citizens of Europe and the United States.
Citizens of the United States and Japan, as well as the citizens of the following countries: Iraq, Myanmar, Sudan, the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Syria must contact the bank before going through any formalities.
It is best to place a maximum value of around 120,000 per year on any declared transfer, unless you can justify the income.

The Kit costs 250 EUR

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