Kit for opening a corporate or personal account in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a stable, independent nation and is a full member of the British Commonwealth.
St. Vincent and the Grenadines has up-to-date laws that ensure the safe-guarding of confidentiality in their financial services.
SVG, as a Caribbean country, is not subject to European Guidelines regarding taxes, and has 0% taxes.
There are no tax treaties with other countries.

The Kit includes:

Forms for opening the account;
Demo on how to fill in the forms with instructions on the side  ;
Explanations that will help you so you don’t make counter-productive declarations to the bank;
15 minute phone assistance for additional questions;
It does not include the expenses for opening the account, the issue of cards, digipass delivery, etc. charged by the bank.

The Kit costs 500 EUR

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Bank in operation since 1997

St. Vincent and the Grenadine’s largest bank;
Main member of MasterCard;
SWIFT member;
Audited by KPMG;
Regulated by the International Financial Services Authority;
Data are securely archived and legally subject to strict confidentiality; the country provides information only with a duly motivated international judicial request;
Key Account for special, personal and corporate clients;
Account opening in two days from receiving complete documentation;
Client service in 16 languages available 24/7;
Representation Office in Europe, Hungary;
Digipass Device. Authenticates the client with a digital signature before transactions;
Online security with internet banking;
Required minimum deposit of 1500 EUR or USD; the bank will deduct from amount the costs of issuing the prepaid MasterCard, the Digipass for internet banking and the cost of delivery to your home;
Personal presence is not required for opening the account.
One-time low cost for opening the account;
Bank card and online banking included on opening the account;
All fees will be announced in advance;
The account will be activated only once the initial deposit has been made.

Comments that will help you to not make counter-productive declarations during the opening procedure

  • You should pay careful attention to the input and output amounts you declare; the sums must be exact; for example, you can’t declare120 thousand a year and then, 8 thousand per month. It’s important that there be at least 30% of what you receive in the bank; then you can withdraw it, for example at the end of the year.
  • The bank does not accept businesses related to gaming, prostitution, online sales, or any business related to illicit activities. You must declare a brick and mortar activity which can, obviously, have a website.
  • It’s best to place values for transfers to be declared in amounts averaging at the most at 120,000 yearly.
  • It’s recommended that there be only one signer, otherwise the due diligence procedure will be longer.
  • If it’s difficult for to obtain a bank referral, the bank accepts bank statements printed with the bank’s letterhead, the name and address of the account holder and the account number; this can also be done by Photoshop, keeping a copy of the account statements. Be aware that a Photoshop modification archive can be detected; we recommend that it be scanned again and then digitalized.

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