Kit for opening a corporate or personal account in Belize

Belize is located on the east coast of the Central American coast, facing the Western Caribbean, just below the Yucatan Peninsula n Mexico and to the east of Guatemala. After a long period as a British colony and a member of the Commonwealth, Belize gained full independence in 1981.
The government of Belize is engaged in developing Belize as a reference center for financial services, the application of policies responding to the development of e-commerce and the international bank. According to the International Monetary Fund, “The exemption from taxes, low registration fees and flexible trust laws that ease asset protection trusts, are among the advantages that Belize offers as an offshore financial center.”

The Kit includes:

Forms for opening the account
Demo showing how to fill in the forms (place the mouse on the image to the side of each section that you have to fill out)
Commentary that will help you to not make counterproductive statements to the Bank.
15 minute phone assistance for further questions
The kit does not include the price of opening the account, card issue, digipass delivery, etc., charged by the bank.

The Kit costs 500 EUR

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The Bank has been in business since 2008

The bank was established under the International Bank Law of 1996, which allows international businesses and, individuals not residing in Belize to obtain bank accounts there.
Its accounts are not subject to local taxes or exchange restrictions and funds in foreign currencies are freely transferred without being required to convert to Belize dollars.
Principal member of MasterCard.
Member of SWIFT.
Digipass device. Client authentication with digital signature before transactions.
Online Security in Internet banking.
The minimum amount to open an account is EUR/USD 25.000
All accounts are multi-currency.
Personal presence is not required for opening an account.
Banking card and online banking are included in the account opening.
Al fees are communicated in advance.

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Advice to avoid counter-productive statements during the opening process.

Advice to avoid counter-productive statements during the opening process.
You have to pay a lot of attention to how much you declare in your income and expenditures; the sums must be precise: for example, you can’t declare 120 thousand per year and then 8 thousand per month.
It’s important that you have at least 30% of what you earn in the bank; then, for example, you can withdraw it at the end of the year.
The bank doesn’t businesses regarding games, prostitution, online sales, or businesses relating to illicit activities.
You must declare an activity with a brick-and-mortar presence that can, obviously have a website.
It’s best to set values to be transferred annually at an average above 120,000.
We recommend having only one signatory; otherwise, the due diligence procedure will take longer.




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