Opening an offshore bank account in Switzerland

Opening an offshore bank account in Switzerland

Opening an offshore bank account in Switzerland is a process that requires the support of a specialized adviser; however, there are so many benefits to be obtained with this account that it is very useful for all those people and businesses that are looking for privacy during their transactions and can enjoy the multiple advantages of the Swiss banking system, recognized above all as one of most stable in te world.
Switzerland has international fame for staying out of all political conflicts. Neither of the two World Wars touched the Helvetic state, which has built a reputation as a stable country that is economically developed where the world’s principal banks operate.
The bank secret was, for a long time, Switzerland’s main strength. Today, it is less so, but in some ways it continues to be a country where there are laws that protect the privacy of bank clients’ information; this is one of the reasons that encourage many to open an offshore bank account in Switzerland.
The person or business begins to enjoy a series of advantages after opening an offshore bank account. For example, the client’s physical presence is unnecessary to open it; in addition, the accounts can be multicurrency; these accounts immediately receive, at no charge, a prepaid card, issued by the most important businesses in the sector (MasterCard, Visa, etc.) and there is also the possibility of applying for credit cards, also issued by the same companies.

Swiss Bank Account Advantages 

When the client is committed to opening an offshore bank account in Switzerland in Switzerland, he has immediate access to the e-bank, also free of charge. Swiss bank accounts have Internet banking, where it is possible to make online bank transfers at any time, as well as receive money and check your balance, from a computer or mobile deice connected to Internet.
Another advantage of opening an offshore bank account in Switzerland is that clients receive personalized attention from experts who can help them find financial solutions adapted to the amount in the account and the client’s interests.
Once the offshore bank account in Switzerland is opened, you have access to one of the most protected bank systems in the world, equipped with the most up-to-date technologies that reduce the risk of theft of money and information.
From an economic point of view, Opening an offshore bank account in Switzerland is favorable because the trimestral expenses for account management are low; card issue is free, as we have already explained, and the client is informed of all fees and charges in advance.
Swiss banks are members of the SWIFT network, which is the Society for the World Interbank Financial Telecommunication, which facilitates the immediate, secure and efficient execution of all international payments. In addition, Swiss banks count on a wide network of associated banks that operate in the world’s principal financial centers.
Working with an expert who guides the entire process is important when opening an offshore bank account in Switzerland. The client’s physical presence isn’t necessary, but he must present the form for opening the account, duly signed, as well as a notarized copy of his passport or ID and a receipt for payment of an electric, gas or internet bill, which shows the address and which is no older than three months.
Meanwhile, in the case of opening an offshore bank corporate account in Switzerland, a business must present a certified copy of the passport or ID of the beneficiary and his directors, as well as copies of the incorporation documents, status and regulations of the business, although each Swiss bank reserves the right to request other additional documents.
Opening an offshore bank account in Switzerland gives a person or business credibility, because they benefit from the Helvetic bank system. Many probably think that opening an offshore bank account in Switzerland is only for millionaires but we have discovered that, with good advice from experts, any person in the world can begin to enjoy the advantages of this type of account.

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