Rietumu Bank

Rietumu Bank

Description:"Rietumu Bank is one of the largest banks in the Baltics States, specialized in corporate banking and affluent individuals. The Bank is well represented in the global market, providing services to customers all over Europe, the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other regions. Rietumu in Brief: - One of the first private banks in Latvia - Over 20 years of operation in the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and numerous European markets - Representative offices in France, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan - Financial leasing services in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus - Headquartered at the most advanced office building in Latvia: Rietumu Capital Centre - Full service for regional and international trade - Wide range of savings and capital growth programs - Private banking services - Contemporary banking technologies - Reliability and privacy - Highly professional team"
Type:Commercial and Private banking

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