Description:"With our specialist knowledge, multicurrency products and global connections, we simplify international banking and wealth management - and make life easier for expats. We understand expat life As specialists in wealth management, banking and currency management for expats, we can help you grow and protect your wealth as you move around the world. We’ll also help you understand your tax obligations – at home and abroad. And we’ll look at the potential tax efficiencies of saving and investing offshore. Products designed for expats With international access to our multicurrency accounts and investments, you can keep your finances in one place wherever you live. We also make it easy for you to manage your money in multiple currencies. And our unique Internet Banking service - Global View - lets you link all your eligible HSBC accounts and make fast money transfers. Global connections Because we're part of the HSBC Group, you'll enjoy all the benefits of HSBC's global reach and local knowledge. If you're planning to move overseas, we can set up local accounts for you, so they're ready to use on the day you arrive. We'll also share our knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that are unique to expats - and help you make the most of your own expat experience. Expat resources From money management guides to insights from the world's largest expat survey, we provide a range of expat resources to help you prepare for the challenges of living and working abroad."

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