Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Description:"Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank believes in, and is committed to, good corporate governance, to provide a basis for its future development and corporate performance, to support trust in its activities as a recipient of depositors’ funds and shareholders’ capital, and to enable it to contribute to the successful development of the financial system of Abu Dhabi. Ambitious people want to preserve and protect what their success has brought them. Like with business opportunities, we are often prepared to look globally when it comes to searching for the optimal saving solutions. That is why ADCB has introduced Offshore Banking. An offshore account simply means an account outside your country of residence. With ADCB Offshore Banking, your money will be held in Jersey – one of the leading offshore financial centres in the world. The Island of Jersey is an independently administered jurisdiction with comprehensive laws and regulations to protect its financial services industry."
Type:Commercial and Private banking

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