Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited

Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited

Country:Hong Kong.
Description:"Chiyu Banking Corporation Limited (""Chiyu"") was founded by the patriot Mr. Chen Jiageng and is the 39th licensed bank in Hong Kong. It has been registered as a licensed bank since 1947, and has been an approved member of the Hong Kong Association of Banks since 1952. Nowadays, we have 24 branches in Hong Kong, 1 branch and 1 sub-branch in Xiamen and 1 branch in Fuzhou. Our aim and ethos is to develop a modernized bank in which traditional Chinese culture is nevertheless preserved and to consolidate our position as a progressive and competitive company which understands, is rooted in, and draws strength from our cultural heritage. In 1970, Bank of China (Hong Kong) was invited to recapitalize our shares, making us becoming a member of BOCHK Group. For two consecutive years in 1993 and 1994, Chiyu was awarded the first runner up of the ""Asian Best Performance Banks"" from the ""Thomson Financial Bank Watch"", a public rating corporation. Yazhou Zhoukan also ranked us, according to total assets at the year-ended 2012, one of the best banks out of the 300 banks in Asia. On account of highest return on assets among top 20 Asian banks, Chiyu was ranked 16th and 8th respectively in the year of 2011 and 2012."
Type:Commercial and Private banking

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