Zuma Bank

Zuma Bank

Description:"Zuma bank is an international financial institution incorporated in the Commonwealth of Dominica which offers a wide range of financial services to private, corporate and institutional clients. Zuma Bank, is a regulated Bank managed by a proactive financial group of experienced professionals. Zuma bank focuses on providing distinctive financial solutions for its clients in three main areas of activity: commercial banking assets, wealth management and brokerage services 2012 Start of Operations. 2013 Zuma Bank is becoming one of the leading banks offshore of the Commonwealth of Dominica. 2014 Update and Implementation of New Technology Platforms Improvement Products and Services to our customers. 2015 Growth Oriented Organizational Structure, Our placement of new products and services targeted to our customers. 2016 Expansion and Growth In and Out of the Commonwealth of Dominica, International Correspondents and Physical Presence"

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