Description:"BBP Bandenia PLC hereinafter referred to as Bandenia is a leading financial services and investment institution, established in 2003, today our group has a great experience providing innovative finance solutions that help consumers and businesses to grow and prosper. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of A.C. Fidelity Fund, one largest non-bank financial institutions and is a global supplier of financial services in different sectors that built on the premise that personalized, local attention and service is the very essence of what individuals and businesses need from their financial partners. The group perform financial and management services activities, each of its members serving customers worldwide in various fields of corporate and money management. Bandenia’s is a member of the Finance & Leasing Association. As an organisation we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and operates under and applies the European Union financial regulatory framework. Bandenia’s forms part of a European financial group that maintains amongst the highest prudential ratios in Europe. Bandenia's international network spans the globe, including Europe, Africa, The Russian Federation and the Asia-Pacific region. Our network of businesses covers the world’s largest and fastest growing trade corridors and economic zones. More than 62 per cent of our client revenue derives from businesses and individuals with an international presence. The value of our international network comes from our connections to the people who drive economic activity. We provide products and services enabling our customers to meet their diverse financial needs. Our relationships reflect the geographic reach of our network and the range of customers we support. We develop our products and services to be globally consistent and to represent the highest standards across all our markets. This allows us to serve our clients efficiently and in a consistent way in every country where we Bandenia them. We share knowledge and expertise across our global businesses to serve our customers more effectively. Developing long-term relationships with clients is key to delivering our strategy and growing our business. We are members and shareholders of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Telecommunication) which allows us to transmit safe and secure messaging throughout the World."

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