Citco VI

Citco VI

Country:British Virgin Islands.
Description:"The Citco Group of Companies is a worldwide group of independent financial service providers serving the world's elite hedge funds, private equity and real estate firms, institutional banks, Global 1000 companies and high net worth individuals. Citco companies service these sectors around the world by offering hedge fund administration, custody and fund trading, financial products and corporate and trust planning solutions. Citco is an independent group of companies which have focused on these specialized niche services for over 70 years. It is this focus that has helped us reach the position as global industry leader in our markets. With more than 5,000 staff in over 44 countries, and with our clients as partners, we will demonstrate this dynamic focus which has allowed us to excel in what we do best. We continue to dedicate substantial resources and energy to further enhance our proprietary working platforms so that we can meet and exceed your expectations in these industry segments."
Type:Commercial and Private banking

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