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flags vanuatuVanuatu is a group of tropical islands located off the east coast of Australia, with a population of almost 250 thousand. The 80 islands are mountainous, some volcanic. There are international airports on the two main islands with connections mainly with Australia. The currency used is the Vatu, which has a fixed ration at 1 USD for 100VT. Historically, Vanuatu’s economy depended on agriculture and fishing; however, it is now dependent on tourism and financial services. There are no direct taxes in Vanuatu. The offshore sector is well-developed, and the most registered company there is of the IBC (International Business Company) group. The most important activities are banks, securities, as well as fiduciary management. Vanuatu has no fiscal treaties, although it has signed agreements for the exchange of fiscal information with Australia, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Granada, Iceland, Ireland, South Korea, New Zealand, Norway, San Marino and Sweden. A domestic law operates there for impeding money laundering that establishes cooperation with investigators, although bank secret is guaranteed. Tax evasion is not punished, since there are no taxes in Vanuatu.
Offshore banks in Vanuatu
Financial Services commission
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Pacific Private Bank

Our investment advisory services offer individually tailored solutions for our clients. Our team consists of dedicated specialists who will be delighted to find an appropriate solution for you.

TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNOT needed
Bred limited

BRED (Vanuatu) Limited is part of the second largest banking group in France, ‘Banque Populaire’, which also has outlets in New Caledonia, Tahiti and now Vanuatu. BRED Bank does have facilities such as Debit cards and a user-friendly internet banking syst ...

TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNeeded
ANZ Bank Vanuatu Limited

Since establishing a presence in Port Vila in 1971, ANZ has grown to become one of Vanuatu’s strongest and most dependable financial institutions. Today, we are represented by two branches, one in Port Vila, the capital city, and one in Luganville on the ...

TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNeeded
Westpac Bank

Our role in the Pacific is more than just providing banking and financial services. It’s about being a part of the stability and security of a sound financial system, playing an integral role in the local economy and contributing to the social and environ ...

TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNeeded



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