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saint lucia flagSaint Lucia is an independent island republic, located in the Antilles, in the southeast Caribbean, between Martinique to the north and Saint Vincent to the south. The bank secret is guaranteed in this Caribbean island, since there is a law that punishes any bank that discloses personal details about a client without his permission, with heavy fines or even imprisonment. There are multiple advantages with St. Lucia as an offshore financial center: low taxes; it is a very stable nation, both politically and economically; there are no tax controls; it hasn’t signed any financial treaties; it counts on modern laws that ease the incorporation of offshore companies; the main language is English, and, above all, the bank secret is guaranteed.
Offshore Company Formation in St. Lucia
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Bank of Saint Lucia International Limited

Bank of Saint Lucia International Limited (BOSLIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of ECFH (East Caribbean Financial Holding Company Limited), a publicly traded company listed on the East Caribbean Securities Exchange, the premiere financial services group ...

CountrySt. Lucia
TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNOT Needed
The Bank of Nova Scotia

Scotiabank provides innovative financial products and services to individuals, small and medium-size businesses, and corporations across the country.

CountrySt. Lucia
TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNOT Needed
1st National Bank

Nearly 75 years after the first seeds of indigenous banking were sown, it is perhaps easy to forget that Saint Lucia did not always have its own national bank and that for many, banking, even simple saving of their hard earned pennies, was a privilege den ...

CountrySt. Lucia
TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNOT Needed
Royal Bank of Canada

RBC has had strong roots in the Eastern Caribbean from as far back as 1915 when branches were established in Dominica, Antigua and St Kitts. Between 1917 and 1920 branches were opened in Montserrat and St Lucia. Today, RBC Royal Bank of Canada still condu ...

CountrySt. Lucia
TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNeeded
First Caribbean International Bank

CIBC FirstCaribbean is a major Caribbean bank offering a full range of market-leading financial services in Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Credit Cards, Treasury Sales and Trading, and Investment Banking. It is the largest, regiona ...

CountrySt. Lucia
TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNeeded
Bank of Saint Lucia

Bank of Saint Lucia is Saint Lucia’s leading Banking institution. The Bank offers Personal and Commercial banking solutions, wealth & asset management and a supportive Convenience Banking network. Whether you’re looking to open a savings account, establis ...

CountrySt. Lucia
TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNOT Needed
RBTT Financial Group

In June 2008, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) acquired RBTT Financial Group (RBTT) creating RBC Financial Caribbean, one of the most extensive banking networks in the Caribbean. As one of the Caribbean’s leading diversified financial services companies, R ...

CountrySt. Lucia
TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNeeded
Hermes Bank

As a completely regulated institution, the Hermes Bank offers banking solutions according to recognized international principles and banking standards. The Bank is incorporated in Santa Lucia. It has a Class “A” International Bank License. It is a First ...

CountrySt Lucia
TypePrivate Bank
Client presenceNot Needed



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