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portugal flagMadeira is a group of small islands, located 1000 km between Portugal and the coast of Africa. The capital, Funchal, has an airport that is well linked to European cities. Madeira is part of Portugal. Madeira’s government has a high degree of autonomy in elation to Portugal, even though Portuguese legislation is applied there, including tax laws. Its economy is based on tourism, fishing, agriculture and financial services. As a poor, outlying region of the European Union, it receives ample sums for development from the EU. Its currency is the Euro. There is an international business Center in Madeira, thanks Portugal’s coordination with the EU that offered offshore status and minimum taxes for manufacturing, services and financial companies until 2001. At the end of 2002, the EU approved an extension of the scheme; however, it excluded incorporation services for new companies. The Free Trade Zone, in the International Business Center, has been very successful. The VAT is applied in Madeira, although at a lower rate than in Portugal. Lisbon has been very careful in developing Madeira’s offshore economy. Portugal has a large network of double taxation Treaties which can be used in the international business Center to obtain fiscal advantages in various commercial activities. Furthermore, Madeira has ascribed to the European legislation against money laundering and is not known for allowing criminal activities. Lately, there have been economic problems in Madeira, so that the local government implemented a series of cutbacks and increased taxes. Corporate income tax went from 20% to 25%, which put them on the same level as Portugal. Personal tax rates were also raised to equal those existing in Portugal. The VAT went from 16% to 22% in April 2012. In addition, public unemployment increased. All this influenced the decrease of businessmen’s interest in Madeira’s minimum tax industry.
Formation of offshore companies in Madeira
International Business Center
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Banco Espírito Santo (BES)

The origins of the Espírito Santo Group date back to 1869, when José María do Espírito Santo e Silva first established a “Caza de Cambio” in Lisbon. His drive, entrepreneurial spirit, and dynamic approach to business promoted a series of successful acquis ...

TypeCommercial and Private bankinking
Client presenceNO
Banco Finantia

Banco Finantia is an independent global bank, with over twenty years of experience and leading positions in key market niches: Investment Banking, Private Banking and Specialized Finance. We are your other Bank, complementing the clients' established rel ...

CountryMadeira (Portugal)
TypePrivate banking
Client presenceN/A

International banking services for expatriates The attractions of expatriate life are many and varied. The climate, the culture, the cuisine... However, if the financial implications of a move overseas aren't anticipated and planned for, you may miss opp ...

CountryMadeira (Portugal)
TypePrivate banking
Client presenceNOT needed
Caixa - Banco de Investimento

Caixa - Banco de Investimento, S.A. (CaixaBI) is the investment banking arm of Caixa Geral de Depósitos, S.A. (CGD Group). CGD is the biggest Portuguese banking group, with a strong tradition in the financial system. CaixaBI directly and actively benefit ...

CountryMadeira (Portugal)
TypePrivate banking
Client presenceN/A



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