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georgia flagGeorgia has the best banks in the Caucasus region and country has implemented a policy, for more than a decade, of reducing its taxes and increasing an economic opening.

For a person to open an account in Georgia, a visit to the country is unavoidable, although just showing them your passport will be enough, since the process is usually very fast. Also, you can also open a second account remotely with the TBC Bank once the first has been established.

Georgia’s interest rates are interesting, because deposits made with dollars can obtain between 4% and 6% yearly, whereas deposits in euros and pounds sterling receive similar percentages.

Therefore, working with a Georgian bank can be useful for those who need to open an account quickly and without paying fees; it is also for those who want high tax rates on American dollars and euros and also for offshore businesses that aren’t accepted by banks in the United States and don’t want to work with Caribbean banks.

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TBC Bank

The TBC Bank is the largest commercial bank in Georgia. The bank was founded in 1992, and in just one decade became the largest bank in Georgia, maintaining itself up to the present day with 27% of the country’s banking activities’ assets and 30% of its b ...

TypePrivate Bank
Client presenceNeeded
Republic Bank

The Republic Bank, as a member of the international Société Générale acts in agreement with the group’s general development strategy. The Bank seeks to offer sustainable funding to Georgia’s economy, to ensure relevant solutions to its clients’ needs. To ...

TypeCommercial and Private Bank
Client presenceNeeded
Bank of Georgia

The Bank of Georgia is a leading bank in this country, with a market quotation of 33% (based on total assets), 32%, based on loaned totals and 33%, based on client deposits. The Bank offers a wide range of retail banking, corporate banking and investment ...

TypeCommercial and Private Bank
Client presenceNeeded



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