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Bank of Saint Lucia International Limited

Bank of Saint Lucia International Limited (BOSLIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of ECFH (East Caribbean Financial Holding Company Limited), a publicly traded company listed on the East Caribbean Securities Exchange, the premiere financial services group ...

Category:St Lucia banks
CountrySt. Lucia
TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNOT Needed
BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is a leader in banking and financial services in Europe. The Group is present in 80 countries. It employs close to 200,000 people, half of which are based in its four ‘domestic’ markets (Belgium, France, Italy and Luxembourg). The three main ...

Category:Jersey banks
TypeCommercial and Private banking
Client presenceN/A
Bank of China (Hong Kong)

Established on 1 October 2001, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (referred to as Bank of China (Hong Kong) or BOCHK) is a locally incorporated licensed bank. It has combined the businesses of ten* of the twelve banks in Hong Kong originally belonging to ...

Category:Hong Kong banks
CountryHong Kong
TypeCommercial and Private banking
Client presenceN/A
Banco Espírito Santo (BES)

The origins of the Espírito Santo Group date back to 1869, when José María do Espírito Santo e Silva first established a “Caza de Cambio” in Lisbon. His drive, entrepreneurial spirit, and dynamic approach to business promoted a series of successful acquis ...

TypeCommercial and Private bankinking
Client presenceNO
Belize Bank International

With over twenty years of excellence in service, as the first and oldest continuous bank in Belize, the Belize Bank Group procured a license to operate as a fully-fledged International Bank in January 2006 to offer banking services to offshore clients. Si ...

Category:Belize banks
TypeCommercial and Private banking
Client presenceNOT needed
B2B Bank

B2B Bank Ltd is a privately held international bank, registered and operating in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Bank is licensed by the Financial Services Authority of St. Vincent & the Grenadines and is authorized to conduct a broad range of banking ...

CountrySt. Vincent
TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNOT needed
Barrington Bank Inc

The name of the Barrington Bank Inc finds its origin deep in the history of Antigua and Barbuda. In 1779 the southern entrance to St. John’s Harbour was strongly fortified by Admiral Barrington, who had defeated the French off St. Lucia in 1778. Fort Barr ...

CountryAntigua & Barbuda
TypeCommercial and Private banking
Client presenceNOT needed
Barclays Bank Mauritius

Barclays Bank has operated as a branch of Barclays Bank PLC which established operations in Mauritius. Barclays Bank has operated as a branch of Barclays Bank PLC since June 1, 2013, when it became Barclays Bank Mauritius Limited ("BBML"). Barclays Bank M ...

Category:Mauritius Banks
TypePrivate and commercial banking
Client presenceNot necessary

Our international bank accounts are available in a range of major currencies, most notably, in sterling, US dollars or euros. If you travel regularly to Ghana, get paid in euros, have interests there or make regular transactions in euros, you may benefit ...

Category:Ghana banks
TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNeeded

Butterfield will provide consistent and superior returns to our shareholders, offer security and opportunities to our employees, and be recognised as making a valuable contribution to the communities in which we operate by a customer focused, efficient an ...

CountryCayman Islands
TypeCommercial and Private banking
Client presenceN/A
Banco del Pacifico (Panama) S.A

Banco del Pacifico (Panama) S.A began operating on July 7, 1980 in the International banking center of Panama, the first subsidiary of Banco del Pacifico S.A Ecuador, which operates an international license abroad. The Bank was established under the laws ...

Category:Panama banks
TypePrivate banking
Client presenceNOT needed
Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) was founded in 1856 in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. It offers a full range of banking services in Europe and internationally over the century. BIL Private Banking is a top international Wealth Management center ...

Category:Singapore banks
TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNeeded
Banif Bank

Banif Bank (Malta) plc is a Maltese Bank owned by Banif Financial Group and prominent local investors. The Bank started operations in Malta on the 21st January 2008 with the opening of its first branch in St. Julian’s. This was a remarkable feat for the B ...

Category:Malta banks
TypeCommercial and Private banking
Client presenceNOT needed
Banco di Caribe

Banco di Caribe has a long standing tradition of providing quality financial services to our community for more than 35 years. Over the years we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience which we put to good use when creating new services as w ...

Category:Aruba banks
TypeCommercial and Private banking
Client presenceN/A

Bank with Barclays on the Isle of Man (IOM) The Isle of Man is one of the best-regulated and most secure offshore banking locations in the world. And Barclays can offer you Isle of Man banking services that are second to none. If you are a resident of t ...

CountryIsle of Man
TypePrivate banking
Client presenceNOT needed
BMI Bank

Bahraini retail and commercial banking institution, BMI Bank is a retail bank, registered in Bahrain and regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB). The Bank offers customers a complete range of innovative and unique financial products and services th ...

TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNeeded
Bank Alpinum

OUR FINANCIAL EXPERTS are high calibre specialists with a wealth of experience. This is one of the key pillars of good asset management, the second is the empathy of our investment consultants. Because only someone who really knows his clients – their sit ...

TypePrivate banking
Client presenceN/A
Banco Finantia

Banco Finantia is an independent global bank, with over twenty years of experience and leading positions in key market niches: Investment Banking, Private Banking and Specialized Finance. We are your other Bank, complementing the clients' established rel ...

CountryMadeira (Portugal)
TypePrivate banking
Client presenceN/A
Bred limited

BRED (Vanuatu) Limited is part of the second largest banking group in France, ‘Banque Populaire’, which also has outlets in New Caledonia, Tahiti and now Vanuatu. BRED Bank does have facilities such as Debit cards and a user-friendly internet banking syst ...

Category:Vanuatu banks
TypePrivate and Corporate Banking
Client presenceNeeded



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